Dr. Prahlad Ho

Northpark Private Hospital
Consulting Suites
Corner Plenty & Greenhills Roads,
Bundoora, VIC 3083
Phone: 03 9468 0110
Fax: 03 9468 0120

Dr. Prahlad Ho

Clinical and Laboratory Haematologist

Dr Prahlad Ho is originally from Singapore and graduated with honours from the University of Melbourne. He completed his haematology training at the Austin and Northern Hospitals in Melbourne.

Dr Ho is Director of Haematology at Northern Health and also the inaugural Medical Director of Northern Pathology Victoria, a new public pathology service being set-up at Northern Health. He is also a visiting haematologist at Alfred Health and the primary visiting haematologist at Northpark Private Hospital.

Dr Ho is actively involved in clinical research and has published in multiple international peer-reviewed journals. He is in-charge of the Haematology Research Unit at Northern Health and is the Principal Investigator in numerous malignant and non-malignant clinical trials. He is also a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)/Heart Foundation Scholar and is currently extensively involved in investigator-led thrombosis research at Northern Health and the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases. His specific interest is investigating new biomarkers of thrombosis, specifically global coagulation assays.

“Dr Ho is experienced in managing a wide range of malignant and non-malignant blood disorders. In particular, he has a special interest in the management of thrombosis, including DVT/PE, anticoagulation therapy, thrombophilia advice/testing and complex cardiovascular disorders. His specific interest is investigating new biomarkers of thrombosis, specifically global coagulation assays. “


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